Welcome to the TestGuru Pub!
The online repository of Rich Klarman’s writings (and, if I manage to get around to it, audio lectures) on bar exam–, LSAT-, and law school–related topics.

Although I haven’t yet had time to properly design/implement this portion of the TestGuru web empire, I nevertheless wanted to make some of my writings available. (Just because I’m a crazy perfectionist, you shouldn’t be forced to wait months to read articles that I’ve already written.) In that spirit, I hope you’ll graciously disregard the inchoate nature of this web page.

Currently available articles/primers/tutorials:

Documents coming soon (i.e., sometime before my six-and-a-half-year-old son starts shaving):

Email your suggestions for future primer topics. Achtung! To make sure that your email isn’t swallowed up by my (admittedly aggressive) spam filter, please include one of the terms “bar exam,” “LSAT,” or “law school” (as appropriate) in the subject line of your email. Obviously, I’m not necessarily going to write on every topic that is suggested. However, if certain strong consensuses emerge, I will probably pay them considerable respect.

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